Yulias fantastic trip to the UK

Somewhere deep inside, I feel like a little princess. Thoughtful and capricious sometimes. There, some subjects live in my Kingdom –it’s my thoughts and dreams. Many of them have changed over the years, but one has always lived. It’s the desire to visit a real kingdom.

Well, as for us, being a bit crazy, there are not any barriers. In 2011, I spontaneously decided that the time had come. The time to go to that desirable Kingdom. I had decided to go to the UK absolutely alone, despite the fact that my English was poor. I genuinely believed that it would be a great chance to improve my English. I dreamed that I would live in hostels, pay attention to signs and speak to local people one way or another – for example, I could ask them for directions and ask them to show the way.

To be honest, I collected my visa documents, and then ever so carefully translated all of them into English. After that, my heart fluttered when I applied for the visa, but I was even more excited when I opened the envelope to find the answer (being so sentimental, I still carefully keep it in my twigged ambry).

I remember when I first stepped onto a London sidewalk. I immediately felt the fluster of the big city. It was on a Friday, SAM_2314that’s why the gentlemen hastened to have their evening Ale, and ‘love birds’ rushed to a nearby garden to organize a little picnic and feed the importunate squirrels and the elegant swans.

I was going to spend 7 amazing days in mysterious London. I remember that it was really difficult to sleep in this town. Every day I was waking up at 7 in the morning, then I was going to the nearest market, along with people who was hurrying to work. Taking a huge “cappuccino to go”, I went to do my important job: to look around the streets and gardens in that amazing Kingdom. All 7 days I walked non-stop! I didn’t want to waste time eating and sitting in cafes. The local people showed me the obvious compromise: all of them, even brutal businessmen, were having their lunches sitting on the grass. I always bought food at the store. It’s very important that you can find organic (and another) food in all supermarkets. You can sit on the grass in the picturesque garden, and eat exotic salads with fantastic smoothies. However, you have to share your food with the British squirrels. Trust me, nothing is bolder than a British squirrel! Those creatures, which are really very ample-bodied, literally jump on you trying to steal your food.
England is a country where you will never be bored. You can feel the atmosphere of never-ending holidays. You can find a variety of music and different kinds of festivals in every corner! Every evening you can find future music stars playing their music on the streets.

I read the book “Brighton Rock” by Graham Greene before my first trip to England, and I decided to go to the cognominal town. Brighton, is located just 80 kilometers from London.

FYI: if you purchase a train ticket 3 weeks before your trip, you can save as much as 70% off the full price, and sometimes even more! Just follow us and we will tell you about train discounts a little later!

I arrived in Brighton on Saturday, and as it turned out it was time for the Brunswick Festival. Locals were dressed in amazing costumes, with big smiles as they were offering to sell their home-made products, as young musicians were playing their hits. SAM_2974

I remember a man who was proudly selling mint tea, and telling how he raised this mint in his garden with love. I admire people who do everything with love. I learn from them to love everything that I do!

As you probably heard, the British embassy issues a visa for up to 6 months. I was so energized by the first trip that I began to plan a second one – it was going to be a winter trip. I had been raised with music from The Beatles, so the choice was obvious: Liverpool. I’ve been reading that the first railroad was built from industrial Manchester to port Liverpool. I decided to try it.

FYI: This railway opened in September 1830. During the opening ceremony William Haskinsson (deputy of the British Parliament road) fell and died on the railway. He is known as a first man who died under the wheels of the train. God, please, save the Queen and all earthlings =))

Arriving in Manchester (by the way, the accent is on the first syllable), I just wondered that my eyes was dazzled by the abundance of red brick even at night. Starting with a morning walk through the maze of the red buildings, sometimes it was getting creepy. Manchester is a well known rainy city. I hurried to take refuge from the drizzle in the Museum of Science and Industry. I was awe struck in all my heart! When you cross the threshold, you feel that you are in the heart of the industrial revolution. Here and there, the wheels of vintage locomotives clatter distinctly, steam is coming from everywhere. And that’s what I really love about the British museum, it’s that you can almost touch everything there!


FYI: Admission is free to all major national galleries / museums, but you will find a special box asking for a donation inside the entrance. So, you can put as much money as you want.

Every museum has a children’s area where professional animators are ready to help them to spend time very usefully. I personally experienced one of these children’s areas. I sat on something that looked like an exercise bike. SAM_5937My profile was reflected in a special mirror. What do you think I saw in that mirror? Just imagine every movement of my bones! You can see a moving skeleton, and after the spinning you can get rated:
you are as fast as an average dance beat
as a blink of an eye
as light traveling from the moon to the earth, and so on

It was very, very much fun!

The city which enveloped me the most was Liverpool. I easily overcame the 56 kilometers from Manchester by train, and also crossed all the famous viaducts and tunnels.

I couldn’t imagine that the whole city could live on the same musical wave – a wave of The Beatles. It seems that everyone knows the “Fab Four” by heart, and they also remember that The Beatles history began with the Quarrymen.

You can meet the Beatles twines in the evening on almost every corner. And I’m sure that those people who were singing and playing on the streets came not to earn money, but to just share the mood, and to sing their favorite songs for the passersby, because everyone would not be able to pass through, as they certainly would stay and start singing with the musicians.

In my first evening in Liverpool I went to the legendary Mathew street – to the world famous Cavern Club. I can’t describe the atmosphere, it’s impossible and incredible! A lot of people from different countries gathered in that small basement and all of them were singing in unison and dancing. So, each of all my following 4 nights were spent in the Cavern Club.

Liverpool seemed to me to be a very youthful city (where a lot of young people live). You can also find a lot of red-brick buildings here too, but they are not associated with a past factories, but instead with student’s dormitories. Maybe it is because of the oldest university in the UK which is located here, as well as many colleges and schools.

By the way, a dialect of Liverpool people is absolutely unique , it is called Scouse. In my opinion, this dialect is a little bit difficult to understand (for me, a Russian girl).
I fell in love with the Liverpool bank. I was heart-stricken with all port’s ensemble. The Yellow Duckmarine leaves from the famous Albert dock. The path starts on the land, but then a huge machine on wheels ramps down into the water and floats. Very gallant captains organized a fascinating tour and at the end, all passengers sing the famous Beatles song: “Yellow Submarine”.


FYI: The “Titanic” was attributed to Liverpool, but was launched in Belfast. There is an interesting museum in Liverpool which can help you to feel the tragedy of the last hours of the famous ocean liner.

In summary, I would say that I have lots and lots to share (but this is enough for the first time I think). I’m looking forward to the moment when I can open more homey and pleasant English towns, by traveling OF COURSE by bike! =))
We promise you that all information about our experiences will be here! Just follow us =))


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