2girls2bikes.com  is a travel blog made to spread the following ideas:

Bicycles are for everybody!
You don’t have to be a sportsman to travel by bike to other countries or around your city. This joy is available even for delicate girls in their summer dresses. And this means, everyone can do it!

Travelling is easy!
You may dream about travelling all your life – and then get ready and go in a moment: by car, train, airplane or bike wherever your dreams might lead you. Without a bunch of money or knowledge of language – you can learn everything on your way!

The blog started in 2014 when Tasha and Yulia traveled around Great Britain, Ireland and the Isle of Man during 5 weeks. The journey was called “The BikeOBritain project” — check out posts tagged bikeobritain.

In 2016 Tasha and Mila came up with the idea of a new adventure – a cycling trip around Estonian lighthouses «Bikes & Lights». We have a professional cameraman in our team this time! So in addition to posts and pictures, a beautiful video about bikes, lighthouses and Estonian islands is coming up! The tag in the blog is bikes&lights.

Hey, girls! If you are planning your own cycling adventure and need to share, we will happily provide you a ready-made platform for travel-blogging! Feel free to write: tasha@2girls2bikes.com! Maybe, your trip will become the next project on 2girls2bikes.com!




 tasha yulia

Describes her travels in personal blog MeetTheKosmos.com. Project coordinator in velosipedization.ru – a team which develops cycling infrastructure in St. Petersburg. And a guide of tours around lighthouses of St. Petersburg region.
Travel blogger, journalist, photographer, art-manager in a live-music club, pr-specialist and promoter of different kinds of events: lectures, film shows, dj-parties, and rock festivals.
Spent a year in the USA, where worked in a local newspaper and on state TV. Has a huge hitch-hiking experience in Russia and in Europe. In June 2016 is going to hitch-hike from East coast to West coast of the USA!

Really loves people and a special category of people – children.
A journalist, dreaming to create an ideal educational TV program for children. Already filmed 3 programs: little correspondents washed elephants, made experiments with static electricity, studied dancing.
In 2013 filmed a series of programs about adoption – “Great parents”. It was amazing as little participants actually found their families!
As a big fan of sport, enjoys dancing, running, jumping. Worked for the Olympic and Paralympic Sochi Winter Games.




Mila is London obsessed, loves bright lipsticks and indie everything. She has recently added bike to this list. Mila learnt to ride a bike only when she was 24 years old. 40 km cycling to the waterfall with Tasha were best teachers.
Mila has degree in TV engineering, great experience in event making. She is passionate about extreme photography and they are good friends with old school photo camera “Zenit”. In 2015 her UK obsession transformed into English teaching.

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