Mayor of London says Hi!

Wowza! The “2girls2bikes” project was supported by the Mayor of London!
Boris Johnson is a former journalist (just like us!) and one of the most excentric British politics. He is a keen cyclist himself and he works a lot on making London comfortable for cyclists.

We wrote about his role in organizing Londons bike-share system Cycle Hire – guess why the blue Cycle Hire bikes are called “Boris bikes” by the Londoners? )

Before the BikeOBritain project started we wrote a letter to Boris Johnson and were so happy to get a personal answer!
Although we didn’t get to meet, we deeply appreciate the words of support from such an outstanding person!

Here is the letter:

By the way, we have got to meet another cycling mayor – it was the Mayor of Linlithgow, Scotland! Dreams come true in this or that way )
We have not translated the post yet, but if you paste a Russian version into Google translator, you will get the point of the story and also some laughs because of the lousy automatic translation =)

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