Video novels about #bikesandlights

Our second pilot, a talented director of photography and a super positive person Vadim Ivanov shares his vision of our trip.
We are happy to introduce you two mini-novels about lighthouses. And can’t wait for more stories!

Part 1:

“There are no identical lighthouses in the world. They are all different. They have different color, heights, parameters. We are all equal in their sight. During this journey I realized that for me lighthouse is a symbol of care. 200 years have passed. We have GPS, new iPhone every month, but Fresnel lens has been intensifying light all this time and nothing can change it. There aren’t many things in our lives that do not change, that you can rely upon. So while there are Fresnel Lenses in lighthouses I’ll be doing just great”.

Part 2:
“You gotta really want to travel. Some people say: I want to go to space, I want to travel by bike, I want to learn to fly a plane… Most of the people have a dream they can bring to life in a week, but they make it a dream of a lifetime. I don’t want to be such a person. My dreams come to life right here right now.”

Dream more, travel more!

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