Miracles are handmade: Brompton factory tour

All recent months we’ve been tortured by the question “On what bikes do we go?”

We talked to many travelers in blogs and forums, took all kinds of bicycles for test-drive, posted a poll, and finally Tasha went to England, where she held cycling tests on the long and bustling streets of London.
That put an end to all doubts – our journey is to be held on Brompton bikes!

About this bicycles you can read on “Our bicycles” page, and now we would like to tell you about how and where they are made. Very few global bike brands still manufactured in their city of origin. Tasha got a rare chance to visit Brompton factory and to share with you a story of this amazing bikes!


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London Bicycle, or How to Save Money on Transportation

You have probably heard how expensive transportation in London is. A single metro ticket in Zone 2 (one of the central stations) costs 4,30 GBP. Do not lose your heart, an alternative is always there – it’s a bicycle!
Two-wheeled is the cheapest means of transportation in London. Furthermore, if you use it for getting around in the city center, it can be twice as fast as a car – you just need to know cheats about using London’s Bicycles.

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Interview with Nick Aldworth

Last weekend Saint-Petersburg hosted a conference “Urban Sustainable Traffic and the Use of Bicycles: Challenges for the Future”.

Lectures were given by the leading experts on bicycle infrastructure  from London, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oulu, Hamburg, and also Moscow, St.Petersburg and other Russian cities. 

We got inspired by the world bicycle experience, talked to many wonderful people and met our first British hero! Nick Aldworth is a General Manager of TFL Cycle Hire  – the very same system Yulia used, when she was in English capital )


We asked Nick a few questions about biking in the UK:

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Cheap tickets: lifehacks and personal experience

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – or a single turn of a wheel ) But sometimes you first need to fly to that turn!
This post is about finding the cheapest tickets on the Internet and to teleport yourself to the place where your journey starts.

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To Bro or not to Bro?

This cutie is gonna be our companion for the sunny St. Petersburg rides for the next few days! Thanx, Brompton Russia!

Do you think biking around Britain on Bromptons is a good idea? =)


To Bro or not to Bro?

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Come to the bike side: we have cookies!

We are big fans of various community initiatives, so we couldn’t miss Restaurant day, which took place in Saint-Petersburg 2 days ago.rest Restaurant day is a worldwide food carnival when anyone can set up a restaurant, café or a bar for a day. It can happen anywhere: at your home, at the office, on a street corner, in your garden or inner courtyard, at a park, or on the beach – only your imagination is the limit. For one day you can forget about bureaucracy, papers, economics and all the boring stuff you are to do when opening a restaurant. It’s like the whole city is visiting friends – you don’t need a licence to treat your guests, right? =)
Here is a little photo report of how we and our friends from Unicornсat Bakery treated guests with home made cookies and spicy drinks! And a little present at the very end!

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Be notable or die!

This post is not about safety on the road, as you could decide from the header. Of course, we will write about it – mentioning all the tricks of British right-driving, but now let’s talk about the importance of a bike-travellers look.
Not because we are girls heading to Vivienne Westwoods Kingdom. The right look can help you find friends, interesting sights, and sometimes even food and place to stay in a new town!

It is easy: your look should inform people about who you are and what you are doing here.
A few simple things to help you with that:



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Yulias fantastic trip to the UK

Somewhere deep inside, I feel like a little princess. Thoughtful and capricious sometimes. There, some subjects live in my Kingdom –it’s my thoughts and dreams. Many of them have changed over the years, but one has always lived. It’s the desire to visit a real kingdom.

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Hello, world!


We are Tasha and Yulia. This summer we are going on a bicycle trip to Great Britain for… oh, wait, we have a special page on this site about us and our goals, here it is!
Our journey starts in London, where we are planning to get bikes and… though, there’s a page about it too!

Well, then we are happy to inform you that this is the first post in our blog! The first step in a fascinating journey, which we invite you to follow!
You’ll learn a lot about
– most famous and most secret places of Britain – our bikes can go where no touristic buses can go!
– bicycle culture in London and all 4 countries of the Kingdom;
– useful organic food and particularly – traditional breakfasts of different corners of the Isles;
– getting visas, buying cheap tickets, getting ready for the bicycle trip;
… and many other things that may seem interesting to us on our way!

And what is interesting for you?
Ask your questions in comments to this post or on our Facebook page.
We also have Instagram!

Support our project – tell your friends about us!
Thank you!




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